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She could Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories the house keeping woman, the guy behind the reception desk, the chef, the two ladies who were talking to her by the pool side yesterday, the newly wed couple she met on her way into the hotel.

They were all there! Looking at her naked and caked in cum and piss.

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Rubbing herself against Harish like a street bitch in heat. Her ass and cunt were tingling. She could not believe how dirty and perverted this whole scene was. They have been sitting in the next room for an hour and filling up their stomachs with water and beer.

Now its all Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories to come out for YOU. And then they will watch me fuck the shit out of you in that dirty piss pool. How do you like that you slut? Does that make you hot and Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories, you dirty whore my randi. Nandini was in heaven. She could see the crowd come in and start to piss into the pool right in front of her. Harish had obviously given very clear instructions and some money to them.

They were looking at her and Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories and shouting and groaning as they pissed freely into the pool. She could see the pool filling up fast. Nandini went around laughing and encouraging them. Fill that dirty pool with your nasty piss. I am going to get my cunt and ass fucked in that like a whore.

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Wont you want to watch that? The pool was filled with foaming wrm piss of strangers. Nandini was going around the pool, touching people as they pissed.

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She would fondle balls, slip her finger into their asses or sqeeze the tits of women who were pissing as she walked around. Goading them on, asking them to make itdirtier than ever.

When the last 15 people came in to relieve themselves, the Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories was already two and half feet deep as it was in small area.

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My Kitten is so unbelievable. She's such a nasty dirty little thing.

Then she turned around again kneeling in front of me and Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories toward my cock. My urine stream shot onto her neck. She was closing her eyes a bit as the piss hit her on the chin. Kitten gingerly stuck her tongue out and opened her mouth trying to get a taste. She was driving me wild seeing her do that. My little girl was between my legs wanting to get a taste as I emptied my bladder on her. Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories pee hit her tongue and a little ran into her mouth.

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All I could Adelgazar 72 kilos of was how nasty this was. My Kitten was taking it in her face and getting showered with it.

I watched her taste it. I saw her throat muscles gulp as she swallowed the little bit of warm piss that was in her mouth. My God what a nasty thing. What a sight to see. My little girl tasting my warm pee as it flowed from my cock.

She had me so over the edge by doing that, I moved my flow up and began pissing in her hair. Seeing it soak and saturate her gorgeous Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories hair as she knelt there was Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories ultimate of degrading acts.

That was something Kitten really loved. She loved the feeling of me humiliating her and treating her so filthy. It aroused her so much. And now, here I Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories urinating in her hair and watching it run over her head and down her body. And she sat there taking it while I called her every filthy name I could think of. You dirty little cunt. You're a filthy fuckin' pisswhore. Just wait till next time.

I'll shove my cock in your mouth and piss right down your throat.

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Kitten was drenched. Then she put her lips to my cock and sucked off the last couple drops. I looked down once again and Kitten was soaked.

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She was Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories in my Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories, my piss. I knelt down next to her and kissed her so hard. I caressed her body all over feeling what I had just done to her. Kitten's body was wet everywhere. Her flesh was saturated. Her hair was matted. I concentrate on what it would be like if it was flesh, her sweet soft lips and slick tongue.

She slides it as far back in her mouth as she can, nearly to the base, and I groan.

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I want to feel it tickle her throat. I want to feel that ring of muscles contract around the head. I get so frustrated, I nearly start crying. I have to shift. I Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories her up onto me and kiss her wet mouth. I just want to feel her a little more. I slide back in and she rides me, rocking her hips back and forth. I thrust some more.

I pull her to me, down to my chest, when she comes again. I hold her there a minute, stroking her hair, then push her back up to sitting and hold her wrists again. We have talked about some training experiments Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories that.

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She cries out and thrashes her arms against me. You know I do. So filthy. That dirty mouth and those dirty holes and her sweet girlish body and nasty desires.

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My body is spent. I fall asleep with my binder on and wake up to pull up the covers, flip off the nightstand lamp, an hour later, and I slip my arm under her neck and pull her body close to me, holding her close all night. They identify as a white non-binary butch dominant, a survivor, and an introvert. That Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories amazing.

Thanks for the inspiration. Oh my god, wow. Just wow. This is quite embarrassing but my gravatar picture was on there and I intended that to be anonymous, please remove that comment, thank you. Hey, I feel like Adelgazar 40 kilos was a really brave post to share. As a lover of butches, Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories appreciate both the hotness and the truth telling.

Thank you. He could see his cock plunge in and out covered with her cunt juice which was leaking and nasty filthy ass slime. He held on to her hips and rammed his cock in harder. He could feel his cum boil up in his balls.

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He bent forward and spat hard into Jenna's face. Do you like cramming your fingers up your cunt as I fuck your shithole out of shape. I am going to rip it open baby. I love fucking your nasty ass hard.

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I love to make your slut whore Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories writhe and heave. I am going to fuck your ass and then dump my cum in your face. He pulled his cock from her ravaged asshole and straddled her face. He shoved his filthy cock straight from her ass into her mouth.

God you are such a filthy cunt. Her orgasm hot her just as the cock hit the back of her throat. Her body shook and convulsed from the waves of orgasm. Her cunt was spurting cum and piss everywhere.

Fred too arched his back and spewed his cum deep into the cocksucking Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories. Jenna Adelgazar 30 kilos on the cock and cum and coughed. Cum and spit splattered all over Fred's cock. Fred was still spurting thick Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories of creamy cum on the sluts face. Jenna was screaming from her orgasm. Her piss and cum splattering all over her body. Her face was a just a cum dump.

It had thick gobs of cum splattered over her lips and mouth. Her mouth was still oozing out the cum and drool copiously.

Fred could feel her hot piss over his back. He turned around and sank his face into her piss spurting cunt. Jenna Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories harder, pissing inside his hot mouth as Fred tongued her cum and pee drenched cunt. Gulp it down like a horny motherfucker. Oh you dirty ass fucking bastard. Drink this slut whores piss. Eat my cum and piss drenched cunt you asshole.

Lick it clean with your nasty tongue.

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He moved up her body, his face drenched in her cunt juice and piss. Jenna spat on his face again.

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And again. Making it wetter and dirtier. She loved her nasty motherfucking donkey dick horny fucker. They both lay down satiated. Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories fully well that this is just the beginning of another long and nasty sexathon Subscribe Published by pornofiend.

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Show all. Filthy whore greedy mouth needs to treated hard. Ex Filthy Whore Fantasy. Luo LAN My filthy whore wife Julia. Exposing some filthy whores. Then I felt something strange slide into my cunt as a heavy weight hit my back. Something squealed and Mr. Miller laughed yanking off the blindfold. His huge boar Hugo had his feet on the post next to me, and was driving his corked cock into my dripping cunt for all he was worth.

Tell me how good it feels. He knew I loved to have cock stuffed up my cunt and him watching. I want to be your pig fucking slut. Miller walked over, and slapped my tits hard smiling. For the next two Adelgazar 72 kilos, the huge boar Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories added to the fucking schedule on the weekends.

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That was normal, I had one kind of cock or any other strange thing Mr. Miller shoved Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories one of my holes at all times while I was with him. Things changed that sixth month though, things changed a lot. One Saturday morning I was laying spread out on the bed with the huge German Shepard lapping at my wet cunt while Mr. Miller fed me his cock and there was a knock at the door. The visitor was persistent, he kept banging on the door and finally shouted.

Miller froze, his eyes narrowing and he popped his cock out of my mouth. He slapped my tits hard as he got up. It was hard to lay there and be quiet while Duke was tearing up my snatch with his tongue but I managed and I heard part Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories the conversation in the front room.

This site contains explicit queer kink erotica. All characters in role play or non-consent scenes are consenting adults. This warning will self-destruct. This has been your trigger warning. Pissing dirty cunt nasty stories gets up from the couch and I grab for the remote, hitting pause on the second porn flick we turned on tonight. She was wet, and moaned a little, making a little mewl of protest when I slipped them out. Stories cunt nasty Pissing dirty.

The gist of the conversation was that Sheriff Owen knew Mr. Miller, Clyde I thought?

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